US Citizenship

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Apply for US Citizenship online through Naturalization:


A citizen is a person who is having Citizenship of a country. Citizen is a legal member of a country who obeys the laws of that country. A person is recognized by the Citizenship of that person. A person may have multiple citizenships according to the laws of those countries. A citizen will have 100% rights, duties, and benefits which are provided by the Government of that country according to their country’s Constitutional Laws.


Naturalization is a process in which a noncitizen of a country acquires the Citizenship of the residing country legally. Naturalization process differs to person to person and country to country. Any country according to their law, if the person is eligible then that country grants the Citizenship or Naturalization to that person legally. The person who is naturalized then that person will be considered as National or Citizen of that country legally.

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US Citizenship:

US Citizenship is a status where the Citizen will have the complete rights, responsibilities, and benefits of US which are offered by the Federal Government of the US according to their Constitution and laws. To acquire the US Citizenship there are two major sources they are; one is the person who takes birth in the US will acquire US Citizenship and the other one is naturalization process in which a permanent resident or green card holder or an eligible immigrant apply for the Citizenship and acquires one legally by the naturalization process.

US Citizenship & Migration:

US Citizenship is a status where the person will have the fundamental rights according to the constitutional laws. After acquiring the US Citizenship, the Citizen of the US will have complete rights, duties, and benefits of US which are offered by the Federal Government of US. Migration is the term refers to the movement of people from their resident country to the United States, where the migrant is not considered as a Citizen of US. Migration may be considered as the movement of people to the US in order to work or study or do business or to live as permanent residents or to take the Citizenship of that country through naturalization.

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 How to apply for US Citizenship?

Applying for US Citizenship through naturalization requires a US Citizenship application Form N-400. Before applying for the US Citizenship one has to check and confirm the eligibility applying for it.

Simple Steps applying for US Citizenship:

Step1: Check whether you are eligible applying for US Citizenship or not.

Step2: Go to the USCIS official website and file N-400 application online or you can download N-400 application fill it and lodge it.

Step3: After filling the N-400 application along with the supporting documents submit the application at USCIS.

Step4: After getting your N-400 application USCIS will send a receipt which contains your appointment time and date.

Step5: on the day of your appointment, you should visit USCIS to give your biometrics and to face an interview.

Step6: If the Interview is successful you will be notified by the USCIS for further proceedings.

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Download N-400 application applying for US Citizenship –

Download US Citizenship Application –

Check your eligibility applying for US Citizenship –

US Citizenship Application:

N-400 Application is referred to as Us Citizenship application form. US Citizenship application forms are available at USCIS. To apply for Us Citizenship one has to apply through N-400 application.

Download N-400 application applying for US Citizenship –

USCIS Forms Download –

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