Mississippi Drivers License

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The Government of Mississippi through DPS (Department of Public Safety) issues the Driving Licenses to all the eligible residents of Mississippi State. Such DPS issued Mississippi driver’s license is valid throughout the Mississippi State and depending on the class of Mississippi Driver License; it is valid for a limited period of time as a visitor in the rest of the States, Federal District and Territories of United States of America. Depending on the type or license class, Mississippi Driver License authorizes its holder to operate different motor vehicles, apart from the authority to drive the motor vehicles Mississippi Driver License serves the holder as a best Identity or Identification proof and the best Mississippi residential proof in all the Government & Private sector official works. The Government of Mississippi State through DPS is providing an official portal to all the residents of Mississippi State. Through the DPS official portal, DPS is offering a number of Drivers License related online services.

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Learners Permit Fees              Learners Permit Practice Test 

DPS Learner Permit               Learners Permit Form Download

Drivers License Renewal       Driving Licence Renewal Fees

Address Change on Drivers License   Apply Duplicate License

Replacement of Drivers License Online        DriveTest

Replace Lost Driving Licence                   Lost Driving License

Change Address on Driving License       Drivers License Replacement

Duplicate Drivers License Form Download        Driver License Renewal Form

DPS Office          Drive Test Centers            Driving License Office

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How to Obtain a Mississippi Driver License?

The residents of Mississippi State who intend to apply for the Drivers License, they can apply for one by visiting their nearest DPS Office for taking the Mississippi Driving Test in person and after passing the test, you will get the Mississippi Drivers License.

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Apply Mississippi Drivers License Process:

  • Visit Mississippi DPS Official Portal.
  • Download the Mississippi Drivers Manual.
  • Prepare for the Mississippi Written Test or Sign Test Exam.
  • After the successful preparation for the Mississippi Written Test or Sign Test.
  • Check the above mentioned required documents applying for Mississippi Written Test or Sign Test.
  • Visit your nearest Mississippi DPS Office, along with the prescribed fees and the required supporting documents applying for Mississippi Learner Permit.
  • Take an application form from the concerned authority applying for Mississippi Learner Permit.
  • Fill the complete application form; pay the fees for giving your thumb print and photo.
  • Submit the completely filled application form along with the supporting documents to the authorized person.
  • After the verification of your application form, you will be allowed for writing the Mississippi Written Test or Sign Test and Vision Screening Test.
  • After Passing the Mississippi Written Test or Sign Test & Vision Test, you will earn your Mississippi Learner Permit.
  • Once after getting the Mississippi Learner Permit, you can practice driving under a supervised driver whose age should be 21 years and he/she should hold Mississippi Valid Driver’s License.
  • Prepare for the Mississippi Driving Test to obtain Mississippi Drivers License.
  • After the Successful completion of the Mississippi Learner Permit period, Visit the Mississippi DPS Official portal for scheduling a Mississippi Driving Test.
  • Depending on your convenience, Schedule an appointment at your nearest DPS Office.
  • On the day of your appointment, Visit the DPS Office for taking the Mississippi Driving Test.
  • After passing the test, you will earn your Mississippi Drivers License.
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Mississippi DPS Online Services:

The Government of Mississippi through DPS (Department of Public Safety) is providing an official website to all the residents of Mississippi State. DPS of Mississippi offering a number of driver license related online services to all the residents of Mississippi State. By using this DPS official portal, the eligible residents of Mississippi State can apply for Mississippi Driver License; they can renew their Mississippi Driver License, they can apply for a Mississippi Driver Record, they can even search for the available times & dates for booking online appointments for DPS Offices, they can book, confirm and cancel the online appointments, they can locate their nearest DPS Offices, they can book online appointments for Drive test, Practice Test, Knowledge Test, they can apply for address change on Mississippi Driver License etc.

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Mississippi Driver License Online Services:

The Government of Mississippi through DPS (Department of Public Safety) is providing an official website to all the residents of Mississippi State. DPS of Mississippi offering a number of driver license related online services to all the residents of Mississippi State. By using this online facility the eligible residents of Mississippi State can apply for the following Driver License related Services:

  • Mississippi residents can apply for Mississippi Drivers License.
  • Mississippi residents can renew their existing Mississippi Drivers License.
  • Mississippi residents can apply for the Name change on the existing Mississippi Drivers License.
  • Mississippi residents can apply for the Address change the existing Mississippi Drivers License.
  • Mississippi residents can apply for the Replacement of their Lost Drivers License.
  • Mississippi residents can apply for the Replacement of their Stolen Drivers License.
  • Mississippi residents can apply for the Replacement of their Damaged or Destroyed Drivers License.
  • Mississippi residents can apply for a Motor Cycle Drivers License.
  • Mississippi residents can apply for Out-of-State Drivers License renewal.
  • Mississippi residents can apply for Mississippi Commercial Drivers License.
  • Mississippi Teen residents can apply for the Mississippi Teen Drivers License.
  • Mississippi Driver License holders can order their Driving Record.

Mississippi Practice Test – https://www.dps.state.ms.us/driver-services/new-drivers-license/

For booking an online Appointment –https://www.dps.state.ms.us/driver-services/new-drivers-license/

Book a Mississippi Driving Test Appointment Online – https://www.dps.state.ms.us/driver-services/new-drivers-license/

Book an Appointment at Mississippi DPS Online- https://www.dps.state.ms.us/driver-services/new-drivers-license/

Mississippi Department of Public Safety Offices Locations:

List of Mississippi DPS Office Locations City Wise

S.NO Name of the Mississippi City Mississippi Cities Department of Public Safety Offices Mississippi Cities Department of Public Safety Office Locations
1 Jackson Jackson DPS Offices Jackson DPS Office Locations
2 Gulfport Gulfport DPS Offices Gulfport DPS Office Locations
3 Southaven Southaven DPS Offices Southaven DPS Office Locations
4 Hattiesburg Hattiesburg DPS Offices Hattiesburg DPS Office Locations
5 Biloxi Biloxi DPS Offices Biloxi DPS Office Locations
6 Vicksburg Vicksburg DPS Offices Vicksburg DPS Office Locations
7 Meridian Meridian DPS Offices Meridian DPS Office Locations
8 Tupelo Tupelo DPS Offices Tupelo DPS Office Locations
9 Greenville Greenville DPS Offices Greenville DPS Office Locations
10 Olive Branch Olive Branch DPS Offices Olive Branch DPS Office Locations
11 Horn Lake Horn Lake DPS Offices Horn Lake DPS Office Locations
12 Clinton Clinton DPS Offices Clinton DPS Office Locations
13 Pearl Pearl DPS Offices Pearl DPS Office Locations
14 Madison Madison DPS Offices Madison DPS Office Locations
15 Ridgeland Ridgeland DPS Offices Ridgeland DPS Office Locations
16 Starkville Starkville DPS Offices Starkville DPS Office Locations
17 Columbus Columbus DPS Offices Columbus DPS Office Locations
18 Pascagoula Pascagoula DPS Offices Pascagoula DPS Office Locations
19 Brandon Brandon DPS Offices Brandon DPS Office Locations
20 Oxford Oxford DPS Offices Oxford DPS Office Locations
21 Gautier Gautier DPS Offices Gautier DPS Office Locations
22 Laurel Laurel DPS Offices Laurel DPS Office Locations
23 Clarksdale Clarksdale DPS Offices Clarksdale DPS Office Locations
24 Ocean Springs Ocean Springs DPS Offices Ocean Springs DPS Office Locations
25 Natchez Natchez DPS Offices Natchez DPS Office Locations
26 Greenwood Greenwood DPS Offices Greenwood DPS Office Locations
27 Long Beach Long Beach DPS Offices Long Beach DPS Office Locations
28 Corinth Corinth DPS Offices Corinth DPS Office Locations
29 Hernando Hernando DPS Offices Hernando DPS Office Locations
30 Moss Point Moss Point DPS Offices Moss Point DPS Office Locations
31 Canton Canton DPS Offices Canton DPS Office Locations
32 Grenada Grenada DPS Offices Grenada DPS Office Locations
33 McComb McComb DPS Offices McComb DPS Office Locations
34 Brookhaven Brookhaven DPS Offices Brookhaven DPS Office Locations
35 Cleveland Cleveland DPS Offices Cleveland DPS Office Locations
36 Byram Byram DPS Offices Byram DPS Office Locations
37 Yazoo City Yazoo City DPS Offices Yazoo City DPS Office Locations
38 West Point West Point DPS Offices West Point DPS Office Locations
39 Picayune Picayune DPS Offices Picayune DPS Office Locations
40 Indianola Indianola DPS Offices Indianola DPS Office Locations
41 Petal Petal DPS Offices Petal DPS Office Locations

Mississippi County Wise Department of Public Safety Office Locations:

List of Mississippi DPS Office Locations County Wise

S.NO Name of the Mississippi County Mississippi Counties Department of Public Safety Offices Mississippi Counties Department of Public Safety Office Locations
1 Adams County Adams County DPS Offices Adams County DPS Office Locations
2 Alcorn County Alcorn County DPS Offices Alcorn County DPS Office Locations
3 Amite County Amite County DPS Offices Amite County DPS Office Locations
4 Attala County Attala County DPS Offices Attala County DPS Office Locations
5 Benton County Benton County DPS Offices Benton County DPS Office Locations
6 Bolivar County Bolivar County DPS Offices Bolivar County DPS Office Locations
7 Calhoun County Calhoun County DPS Offices Calhoun County DPS Office Locations
8 Carroll County Carroll County DPS Offices Carroll County DPS Office Locations
9 Chickasaw County Chickasaw County DPS Offices Chickasaw County DPS Office Locations
10 Choctaw County Choctaw County DPS Offices Choctaw County DPS Office Locations
11 Claiborne County Claiborne County DPS Offices Claiborne County DPS Office Locations
12 Clarke County Clarke County DPS Offices Clarke County DPS Office Locations
13 Clay County Clay County DPS Offices Clay County DPS Office Locations
14 Coahoma County Coahoma County DPS Offices Coahoma County DPS Office Locations
15 Copiah County Copiah County DPS Offices Copiah County DPS Office Locations
16 Covington County Covington County DPS Offices Covington County DPS Office Locations
17 DeSoto County DeSoto County DPS Offices DeSoto County DPS Office Locations
18 Forrest County Forrest County DPS Offices Forrest County DPS Office Locations
19 Franklin County Franklin County DPS Offices Franklin County DPS Office Locations
20 George County George County DPS Offices George County DPS Office Locations
21 Greene County Greene County DPS Offices Greene County DPS Office Locations
22 Grenada County Grenada County DPS Offices Grenada County DPS Office Locations
23 Hancock County Hancock County DPS Offices Hancock County DPS Office Locations
24 Harrison County Harrison County DPS Offices Harrison County DPS Office Locations
25 Hinds County Hinds County DPS Offices Hinds County DPS Office Locations
26 Holmes County Holmes County DPS Offices Holmes County DPS Office Locations
27 Humphreys County Humphreys County DPS Offices Humphreys County DPS Office Locations
28 Issaquena County Issaquena County DPS Offices Issaquena County DPS Office Locations
29 Itawamba County Itawamba County DPS Offices Itawamba County DPS Office Locations
30 Jackson County Jackson County DPS Offices Jackson County DPS Office Locations
31 Jasper County Jasper County DPS Offices Jasper County DPS Office Locations
32 Jefferson County Jefferson County DPS Offices Jefferson County DPS Office Locations
33 Jefferson Davis County Jefferson Davis County DPS Offices Jefferson Davis County DPS Office Locations
34 Jones County Jones County DPS Offices Jones County DPS Office Locations
35 Kemper County Kemper County DPS Offices Kemper County DPS Office Locations
36 Lafayette County Lafayette County DPS Offices Lafayette County DPS Office Locations
37 Lamar County Lamar County DPS Offices Lamar County DPS Office Locations
38 Lauderdale County Lauderdale County DPS Offices Lauderdale County DPS Office Locations
39 Lawrence County Lawrence County DPS Offices Lawrence County DPS Office Locations
40 Leake County Leake County DPS Offices Leake County DPS Office Locations
41 Lee County Lee County DPS Offices Lee County DPS Office Locations
42 Leflore County Leflore County DPS Offices Leflore County DPS Office Locations
43 Lincoln County Lincoln County DPS Offices Lincoln County DPS Office Locations
44 Lowndes County Lowndes County DPS Offices Lowndes County DPS Office Locations
45 Madison County Madison County DPS Offices Madison County DPS Office Locations
46 Marion County Marion County DPS Offices Marion County DPS Office Locations
47 Marshall County Marshall County DPS Offices Marshall County DPS Office Locations
48 Monroe County Monroe County DPS Offices Monroe County DPS Office Locations
49 Montgomery County Montgomery County DPS Offices Montgomery County DPS Office Locations
50 Neshoba County Neshoba County DPS Offices Neshoba County DPS Office Locations
51 Newton County Newton County DPS Offices Newton County DPS Office Locations
52 Noxubee County Noxubee County DPS Offices Noxubee County DPS Office Locations
53 Oktibbeha County Oktibbeha County DPS Offices Oktibbeha County DPS Office Locations
54 Panola County Panola County DPS Offices Panola County DPS Office Locations
55 Pearl River County Pearl River County DPS Offices Pearl River County DPS Office Locations
56 Perry County Perry County DPS Offices Perry County DPS Office Locations
57 Pike County Pike County DPS Offices Pike County DPS Office Locations
58 Pontotoc County Pontotoc County DPS Offices Pontotoc County DPS Office Locations
59 Prentiss County Prentiss County DPS Offices Prentiss County DPS Office Locations
60 Quitman County Quitman County DPS Offices Quitman County DPS Office Locations
61 Rankin County Rankin County DPS Offices Rankin County DPS Office Locations
62 Scott County Scott County DPS Offices Scott County DPS Office Locations
63 Sharkey County Sharkey County DPS Offices Sharkey County DPS Office Locations
64 Simpson County Simpson County DPS Offices Simpson County DPS Office Locations
65 Smith County Smith County DPS Offices Smith County DPS Office Locations
66 Stone County Stone County DPS Offices Stone County DPS Office Locations
67 Sunflower County Sunflower County DPS Offices Sunflower County DPS Office Locations
68 Tallahatchie County Tallahatchie County DPS Offices Tallahatchie County DPS Office Locations
69 Tate County Tate County DPS Offices Tate County DPS Office Locations
70 Tippah County Tippah County DPS Offices Tippah County DPS Office Locations
71 Tishomingo County Tishomingo County DPS Offices Tishomingo County DPS Office Locations
72 Tunica County Tunica County DPS Offices Tunica County DPS Office Locations
73 Union County Union County DPS Offices Union County DPS Office Locations
74 Walthall County Walthall County DPS Offices Walthall County DPS Office Locations
75 Warren County Warren County DPS Offices Warren County DPS Office Locations
76 Washington County Washington County DPS Offices Washington County DPS Office Locations
77 Wayne County Wayne County DPS Offices Wayne County DPS Office Locations
78 Webster County Webster County DPS Offices Webster County DPS Office Locations
79 Wilkinson County Wilkinson County DPS Offices Wilkinson County DPS Office Locations
80 Winston County Winston County DPS Offices Winston County DPS Office Locations
81 Yalobusha County Yalobusha County DPS Offices Yalobusha County DPS Office Locations
82 Yazoo County Yazoo County DPS Offices Yazoo County DPS Office Locations

Mississippi City/Town Wise Driver License Stations Locations:

List of Mississippi Driver License Stations Locations Town Wise

S.NO Name of the Mississippi City/Town Mississippi Towns Driver License Stations Mississippi Towns Driver License Station Locations
1 Natchez Natchez Driver License Stations Natchez Driver License Station Locations
2 Corinth Corinth Driver License Stations Corinth Driver License Station Locations
3 Liberty Liberty Driver License Stations Liberty Driver License Station Locations
4 Kosciusko Kosciusko Driver License Stations Kosciusko Driver License Station Locations
5 Ashland Ashland Driver License Stations Ashland Driver License Station Locations
6 Cleveland Cleveland Driver License Stations Cleveland Driver License Station Locations
7 Rosedale Rosedale Driver License Stations Rosedale Driver License Station Locations
8 Pittsboro Pittsboro Driver License Stations Pittsboro Driver License Station Locations
9 Carrollton Carrollton Driver License Stations Carrollton Driver License Station Locations
10 Vaiden Vaiden Driver License Stations Vaiden Driver License Station Locations
11 Houston Houston Driver License Stations Houston Driver License Station Locations
12 Okolona Okolona Driver License Stations Okolona Driver License Station Locations
13 Ackerman Ackerman Driver License Stations Ackerman Driver License Station Locations
14 Port Gibson Port Gibson Driver License Stations Port Gibson Driver License Station Locations
15 Quitman Quitman Driver License Stations Quitman Driver License Station Locations
16 West Point West Point Driver License Stations West Point Driver License Station Locations
17 Clarksdale Clarksdale Driver License Stations Clarksdale Driver License Station Locations
18 Hazlehurst Hazlehurst Driver License Stations Hazlehurst Driver License Station Locations
19 Collins Collins Driver License Stations Collins Driver License Station Locations
20 Hernando Hernando Driver License Stations Hernando Driver License Station Locations
21 Hattiesburg Hattiesburg Driver License Stations Hattiesburg Driver License Station Locations
22 Meadville Meadville Driver License Stations Meadville Driver License Station Locations
23 Lucedale Lucedale Driver License Stations Lucedale Driver License Station Locations
24 Leakesville Leakesville Driver License Stations Leakesville Driver License Station Locations
25 Grenada Grenada Driver License Stations Grenada Driver License Station Locations
26 Bay Saint Louis Bay Saint Louis Driver License Stations Bay Saint Louis Driver License Station Locations
27 Gulfport and Biloxi Gulfport and Biloxi Driver License Stations Gulfport and Biloxi Driver License Station Locations
28 Jackson Jackson Driver License Stations Jackson Driver License Station Locations
29 Raymond Raymond Driver License Stations Raymond Driver License Station Locations
30 Lexington Lexington Driver License Stations Lexington Driver License Station Locations
31 Belzoni Belzoni Driver License Stations Belzoni Driver License Station Locations
32 Mayersville Mayersville Driver License Stations Mayersville Driver License Station Locations
33 Fulton Fulton Driver License Stations Fulton Driver License Station Locations
34 Pascagoula Pascagoula Driver License Stations Pascagoula Driver License Station Locations
35 Bay Springs Bay Springs Driver License Stations Bay Springs Driver License Station Locations
36 Paulding Paulding Driver License Stations Paulding Driver License Station Locations
37 Fayette Fayette Driver License Stations Fayette Driver License Station Locations
38 Prentiss Prentiss Driver License Stations Prentiss Driver License Station Locations
39 Laurel Laurel Driver License Stations Laurel Driver License Station Locations
40 Ellisville Ellisville Driver License Stations Ellisville Driver License Station Locations
41 De Kalb De Kalb Driver License Stations De Kalb Driver License Station Locations
42 Oxford Oxford Driver License Stations Oxford Driver License Station Locations
43 Purvis Purvis Driver License Stations Purvis Driver License Station Locations
44 Meridian Meridian Driver License Stations Meridian Driver License Station Locations
45 Monticello Monticello Driver License Stations Monticello Driver License Station Locations
46 Carthage Carthage Driver License Stations Carthage Driver License Station Locations
47 Tupelo Tupelo Driver License Stations Tupelo Driver License Station Locations
48 Greenwood Greenwood Driver License Stations Greenwood Driver License Station Locations
49 Brookhaven Brookhaven Driver License Stations Brookhaven Driver License Station Locations
50 Columbus Columbus Driver License Stations Columbus Driver License Station Locations
51 Canton Canton Driver License Stations Canton Driver License Station Locations
52 Columbia Columbia Driver License Stations Columbia Driver License Station Locations
53 Holly Springs Holly Springs Driver License Stations Holly Springs Driver License Station Locations
54 Aberdeen Aberdeen Driver License Stations Aberdeen Driver License Station Locations
55 Winona Winona Driver License Stations Winona Driver License Station Locations
56 Philadelphia Philadelphia Driver License Stations Philadelphia Driver License Station Locations
57 Decatur Decatur Driver License Stations Decatur Driver License Station Locations
58 Macon Macon Driver License Stations Macon Driver License Station Locations
59 Starkville Starkville Driver License Stations Starkville Driver License Station Locations
60 Batesville Batesville Driver License Stations Batesville Driver License Station Locations
61 Sardis Sardis Driver License Stations Sardis Driver License Station Locations
62 Poplarville Poplarville Driver License Stations Poplarville Driver License Station Locations
63 New Augusta New Augusta Driver License Stations New Augusta Driver License Station Locations
64 Magnolia Magnolia Driver License Stations Magnolia Driver License Station Locations
65 Pontotoc Pontotoc Driver License Stations Pontotoc Driver License Station Locations
66 Booneville Booneville Driver License Stations Booneville Driver License Station Locations
67 Marks Marks Driver License Stations Marks Driver License Station Locations
68 Brandon Brandon Driver License Stations Brandon Driver License Station Locations
69 Forest Forest Driver License Stations Forest Driver License Station Locations
70 Rolling Fork Rolling Fork Driver License Stations Rolling Fork Driver License Station Locations
71 Mendenhall Mendenhall Driver License Stations Mendenhall Driver License Station Locations
72 Raleigh Raleigh Driver License Stations Raleigh Driver License Station Locations
73 Wiggins Wiggins Driver License Stations Wiggins Driver License Station Locations
74 Indianola Indianola Driver License Stations Indianola Driver License Station Locations
75 Charleston Charleston Driver License Stations Charleston Driver License Station Locations
76 Sumner Sumner Driver License Stations Sumner Driver License Station Locations
77 Senatobia Senatobia Driver License Stations Senatobia Driver License Station Locations
78 Ripley Ripley Driver License Stations Ripley Driver License Station Locations
79 Iuka Iuka Driver License Stations Iuka Driver License Station Locations
80 Tunica Tunica Driver License Stations Tunica Driver License Station Locations
81 New Albany New Albany Driver License Stations New Albany Driver License Station Locations
82 Tylertown Tylertown Driver License Stations Tylertown Driver License Station Locations
83 Vicksburg Vicksburg Driver License Stations Vicksburg Driver License Station Locations
84 Greenville Greenville Driver License Stations Greenville Driver License Station Locations
85 Waynesboro Waynesboro Driver License Stations Waynesboro Driver License Station Locations
86 Walthall Walthall Driver License Stations Walthall Driver License Station Locations
87 Woodville Woodville Driver License Stations Woodville Driver License Station Locations
88 Louisville Louisville Driver License Stations Louisville Driver License Station Locations
89 Water Valley Water Valley Driver License Stations Water Valley Driver License Station Locations
90 Coffeeville Coffeeville Driver License Stations Coffeeville Driver License Station Locations
91 Yazoo City Yazoo City Driver License Stations Yazoo City Driver License Station Locations


Apply Mississippi DL – https://www.dps.state.ms.us/driver-services/new-drivers-license/

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Mississippi Driving Test –https://www.dps.state.ms.us/driver-services/new-drivers-license/

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Mississippi Drivers License Renewal – https://www.dps.state.ms.us/driver-services/new-drivers-license/

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