List of Driving License Offices in Florida with Address

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Florida Driver’s License Offices List:

Florida State Cities DMV Offices & DMV Guides List
S.NO Name of the Florida City Name of the Florida City DMV Office Name of the Florida City DMV Guide
1 South Florida South Florida DMV Office South Florida DMV Guide
2 Central Florida Central Florida DMV Office Central Florida DMV Guide
3 North Florida North Florida DMV Office North Florida DMV Guide
4 South West Florida South West Florida DMV Office South West Florida DMV Guide
5 West Florida West Florida DMV Office West Florida DMV Guide
6 Cape Coral Cape Coral DMV Office Cape Coral DMV Guide
7 Clearwater Clearwater DMV Office Clearwater DMV Guide
8 Coral Springs Coral Springs DMV Office Coral Springs DMV Guide
9 Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale DMV Office Fort Lauderdale DMV Guide
10 Gainesville Gainesville DMV Office Gainesville DMV Guide
11 Hieleah Hieleah DMV Office Hieleah DMV Guide
12 Hollywood Hollywood DMV Office Hollywood DMV Guide
13 Jacksonville Jacksonville DMV Office Jacksonville DMV Guide
14 Miami Miami DMV Office Miami DMV Guide
15 Miami Gardens Miami Gardens DMV Office Miami Gardens DMV Guide
16 Miramar Miramar DMV Office Miramar DMV Guide
17 North Miami North Miami DMV Office North Miami DMV Guide
18 Orlando Orlando DMV Office Orlando DMV Guide
19 Pembroke Pembroke DMV Office Pembroke DMV Guide
20 Pines Pines DMV Office Pines DMV Guide
21 Plantation Plantation DMV Office Plantation DMV Guide
22 Pampano Beach Pampano Beach DMV Office Pampano Beach DMV Guide
23 Port St. Lucie Port St. Lucie DMV Office Port St. Lucie DMV Guide
24 St. Petersburg St. Petersburg DMV Office St. Petersburg DMV Guide
25 Sunrise Sunrise DMV Office Sunrise DMV Guide
26 Tallahassee Tallahassee DMV Office Tallahassee DMV Guide
27 Tampa Tampa DMV Office Tampa DMV Guide
28 West Palm Beach West Palm Beach DMV Office West Palm Beach DMV Guide
29 Stuart    Palm City Stuart    Palm City DMV Office Stuart    Palm City DMV Guide
30 Jensen Beach Jensen Beach DMV Office Jensen Beach DMV Guide
31 Port St Lucie Port St Lucie DMV Office Port St Lucie DMV Guide
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