DV Lottery

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Apply for DV Lottery Online Check Green card Lottery Application Status

Green Card Lottery:

The Federal Government of US through the Department of State conducts a green card lottery program annually. Through this green card lottery program, the department of state makes around 50000 to 55000 visas annually to the eligible applicants. This program was designed to give green cards to the eligible applicants. If you are planning or dreaming to live in the US it will be best opportunity to apply for the green card or permanent resident card through green card lottery.

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DV Lottery:

DV Lottery is also called as US green card lottery, DV lottery program is conducted by the Department of State under the Immigration and Nationality Bill. This DV program was started in the year 1990 and the Department of State issues 50000 to 55000 immigrant visas through this DV lottery program. Diversity Visa program is conducted annually by the Department of State through the lottery, through this diversity visa lottery the Department of State makes the availability of around 55000 immigrant visas annually.

How to Apply for DV Lottery Online?

DV lottery is the best and most kind lottery program which is conducted by the Department of State to issue around 55000 green cards or permanent resident cards to the eligible applicants. In order to participate in the DV lottery program, one has to check their eligibility applying for it. The Department of State is providing an online facility where required and interested can apply online.

Simple Steps to Apply DV Lottery Online:

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Step1: you have to check and confirm your eligibility first.

Step2: Enter your personal information like first name, last name, email, select your country from the list of countries, and finally your academic details.

Step3: After entering all the details, you should be ready to take the Green card test.

Step4: If the test is successful, you will get a confirmation number through mail save it for further reference.

Apply DV Lottery Online – https://dvlottery.state.gov/

How to check the status of DV Lottery Application?

Step1: Visit the Department of State official website.

Step2: Click on the check status button to track your DV lottery application status.

Step3: Enter entrant information window will be displayed.

Step4: Enter your confirmation number which was issued to you while applying.

Step5: Enter your last name, year of birth; enter the authentication code mentioned below.

Step6: Click the submit button.

Step7: DV Lottery application status window will be displayed.

Track DV Lottery Application status Online – https://dvlottery.state.gov/

Check your DV Lottery Status online – https://dvlottery.state.gov/

Lottery USA:

DV lottery or green card lottery or permanent card lottery or American lottery is a lottery program conducted by the Department of State to issue 55000 green cards annually. This lottery program is conducted once in a year, through this lottery program 55000 permanent resident cards are issued every year.

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