Donald Trump launches his “own voiced” social media platform:

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  • Donald Trump launches his “own voiced” social media platform, that is actually his own website just like WordPress blog, after he got banned on social media platform like Facebook, and Twitter. In Twitter he had around 88 million followers, and still got banned permanently.
  • It is however absolute that the blog will allow only him to post any blog of his own. He can post comments, images, and video on the new platform/ website that says, “We believe in making America Great Again” and uses a logo that says, “Save America”.
  • Trump was banned from Facebook and his favorite posting platform Twitter in January after a right-wing mob stormed the US Capitol, leaving five people dead.
  • The former US President had posted a content dating back to March 24 on the new ‘platform’ that is designed like a generic version of Twitter but is hosted as a running blog. However, Jason Miller, Mr. Trump’s senior adviser, had recently tweeted and opposed his own tweet regarding the new social media platform. He states that the new launch shall be the new website and not the social media platform as he had previously hyped.
  • Mr. Trump has recently posted a video advertising his new platform, calling it “A place to speak freely and safely, straight from the desk of Donald J. Trump.”
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  • The platform appears to have been built by Campaign Nucleus, a digital services company founded by Trump’s former campaign manager Brad Parscale.
  • Kara Swisher, the technology columnist for the New York Times tells BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, that she is completely unaware about the overall plans of Mr. Trump and that presumably he has some of the sharpest digital advisers in his favour who guides him all the time how to improve his digital outlook. She further adds that this shall be just the beginning of his attempts for re-establishing a louder ability to participate in digital media.
  • The website of Mr. Trump denotes the tagline, “A place to speak freely and safely” where he indirectly wants to showcase his oppositions that he still has got a place to think and speak big and full of freedom, where no one can let him down or ban him in any way.
  • The new site launch arrived just a day before a decision was made by Facebook’s Overnight Board announcing whether Mr. Trump will be allowed back to social media platforms including Facebook, or not.
  • The former president used his new site to label Facebook-along with Twitter and Google proclaiming it as a “total disgrace”.
  • As far as the YouTube is concerned as one of the largest social media platforms, the giant has said that they will reactivate Mr. Trump’s account when the threat of the “real-world violence” reduces.
  • Continuing with the hype, a spokesperson from Twitter told BBC that a content is worth sharing on Twitter and permitted as long as the context violate the rules and regulations of Twitter.
  • Mr. Trump is still banned from using Facebook and other popular platforms like Instagram, Twitter as well as YouTube.
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