DMV Driving Licence Fees Details in Florida

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Florida Driver License Fees Details:

Florida Driver License Fees Details
S.NO Florida License Class Florida License Application Type Florida License Fees
1 Class E Florida Driver License. Original (First Time) Class E Florida Driver License. $48
2 Florida Learner’s Driver License Learner’s Driver License $48
3 Class E Florida Driver License. Class E Florida Driver License Renewal $48
4 Class D Florida Driver License. Florida Class D Driver License Renewal $15
5 Florida Commercial Drivers License. Florida Commercial Drivers License. $75
6 Duplicate License for a Lost License. Duplicate Florida Driver License $25
7 Replacement for Stolen License. Replacement for Stolen License (if Police report if filed). No Fees
8 Replacement of Florida License. Replacement of Florida License with incorrect information. $ 25
9 Florida Commercial Drivers License Commercial Drivers License Endorsements $ 7
10 Florida Drivers License Motor Cycle Endorsement $ 7
11 Florida Identification Card Florida Identification Card $ 25
12 Florida Duplicate Identification Card Florida Duplicate Identification Card $ 25
13 Florida Identification Card Renewal Florida Identification Card Renewal $ 25
14 Florida Written exams retake Retake of Florida  Written exams $ 10
15 Florida Driver Written Exams Retake Retake of Florida Driver Written Exams $ 10
16 Administrative fees Administrative fees for Alcohol & Drug offences $ 130
17 Florida Revoked Drivers License Revoked Drivers License $ 75
18 Florida Suspended Drivers License Suspended Drivers License $ 45
19 Florida Disqualified Drivers License Disqualified Drivers License
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