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Birth Certificate:

Birth Certificate is an official document which records the Circumstances of the Birth of a child during his/her birth. Birth Certificate is a certified copy which certifies the registration of that birth. Birth Certificate ensures the registration of the Birth.

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Birth Certificate Online:

Birth Certificate is a Vital Record which certifies the registration of Birth and records the circumstances of the Birth of a child. The US Government has been providing this online facility through official website applying for Birth Certificate online. Eligible Nationals of US can apply for Birth Certificate online from any part of US online.

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Birth Certificate Office:

Being one of the most important vital records, Birth Certificate in US is issued by the Vital Records Offices of the State. Birth Certificate in US will be issued by the Vital Records office of the particular state where the birth took place. These Vital Records Offices in US offer online services, through which the residents of the can go online and get a new birth certificate online. There are other ways to apply or order a birth certificate they are you can apply a birth certificate in person, you can get a birth certificate by mail.

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How to get Birth Certificate Online in US?

  • Visit the US government official portal.
  • Select Birth Certificate option from the main menu.
  • Apply Birth Certificate Online window will be displayed.
  • Click the start button.
  • Birth Certificate Online window will be displayed.
  • Enter your Birth Certificate number.
  • Birth certificate you are searching for will be displayed.
  • Pay the fees to get the birth certificate.

Apply Birth Certificate US Online –

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Birth Registration US:

All the Births in US must be registered. Registration of newborn baby birth can be done at local Vital Records office of the area where the baby birth took place, the hospital where the newborn baby birth took place.

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How to Register a New Born Baby Birth in US?

The eligible residents of US can register their newborn baby birth at the nearest Vital records office or at the hospital where the baby is born.

New Born Baby Birth Registration Process:

  • Visit the nearest or the Vital Record office where the baby birth took place along with the details like place and date of birth of the child.
  • Name, Surname, Sex of the newborn baby.
  • Surnames and Names of the newborn baby parents & Mother’s maiden surname.
  • Date of births of the parents.
  • Place of births of the parents.
  • Parents Marriage date or Civil Partnership date.
  • Parents job details.
  • Take a Birth Registration Application from the vital records office.
  • Go through the Birth Registration Application before filling.
  • Submit the completely filled Birth Registration Application along with the photocopy of supporting document.

Check out your nearest Vital Records Office in US –

Supporting Documents required while registering a New Born Baby birth:

While registering the newborn baby birth one has to take any one of the following supporting documents.

  • Birth Certificate.
  • Driving License.
  • Address Proof Document.
  • Marriage Certificate.

How to Check the Status of Birth Certificate US Online?

The vital records official portal is offering this online facility where the applicants who have applied for the birth certificate and waiting for the birth certificate to come, they can check the status of their birth certificate online.

Track Birth Certificate Status Online Process:

  • Visit the Vital Records official portal.
  • Select Vital Records option from the main menu.
  • Now select the Birth certificate option.
  • Select the Track Birth Certificate Status online option.
  • Track birth certificate status online window will be displayed.
  • Now enter your birth certificate application number and click the search button.
  • A window will be displayed with your birth certificate status online.

Check birth certificate status online –

Track birth certificate status online –

US Birth Certificate Fees:

  • Birth Certificate – $30 (Fee varies from state to state).

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