Florida Driver Record Online Form Download

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How to apply for Florida Driver Record Online?

The Government of Florida through DMV official portal providing this online facility to all the residents of Florida State. By using this online facility the residents of Florida having Florida driver license can apply for their Driver record or License history.

  • To obtain 3 years Florida Driver Record, applicant must pay $ 20.855.
  • To obtain 7 years Florida Driver Record, applicant must pay $ 23.85.
  • To obtain Complete Florida Driver Record, applicant must pay $ 26.85.
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Florida Driver Record Online applying Process:

  • Visit the Florida Driving Record official portal.
  • Depending on your requirement select 3 years or 7 years or complete driving record option.
  • Florida Driving record window will be displayed.
  • Fill the application form online and submit it.
  • Pay the prescribed fees to obtain your Florida Driver Record.
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3 years Florida Driver Record – https://home.uceusa.com/registration/StudentContactInfo.aspx?cid=24&host=floridadrivingrecord.com&pid=534&language=en&g=8a0eb1f0-4ae0-451f-b10f-4d870875dbcf

7 years Florida Driver Record – https://home.uceusa.com/registration/StudentContactInfo.aspx?cid=24&host=floridadrivingrecord.com&pid=535&language=en&g=c923922a-3f49-42e8-93f1-e9d91d095a91

Complete Florida driving record – https://home.uceusa.com/registration/StudentContactInfo.aspx?cid=24&host=floridadrivingrecord.com&pid=571&language=en&g=a78eb9cc-da23-4f3c-9c24-0d7269f07104

Florida Online Driver Record – http://www.dmvflorida.org/driving-records.shtml

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